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Are you camera shy?

If you answered yes, you're not alone! Being camera shy is one of the most common concerns I hear from clients and it's such a big thing to try and shake.

So many of us struggle with feeling nervous or awkward in front of the camera. From self-doubt, to body-image issues, to simply never having seen a "good photo" of yourself, the reasons for this anxiety are endless.

The good news? You've chosen to work with a professional photographer and it's our job to help capture your most authentic and beautiful self. Everything about who you are, right now, is worthy of being photographed. You deserve to feel incredible and we're here to help you find that spark.

Whether you're worried about posing, what to wear, how to act, or what to expect, these 5 Tips for Getting Over Camera Anxiety can help you prepare you for your session with peace of mind.

5 Tips for Getting Over Camera Anxiety

Emilaea Woodwolf. Asian woman and white man hugging in front of ocean. Silly faces.

1. Allow Your Giggles & Silly Faces to Happen, Naturally!

One of the easiest ways to get comfortable in front of the camera is allowing your body to show up authentically. If you're feeling nervous about nailing that serene smile or serious expression, allow yourself the space to let out the silly, nervous energy first.

By letting yourself show up authentically in the moment and releasing all the emotions that are coming through, you can create a safe space to be yourself. Once you realize that everything is okay, you'll likely be more comfortable showing off your more vulnerable side and nailing those serious expressions!

More often than not, letting out that nervous energy makes room for the more serious vibes to flow naturally. Not to mention, the smiles and laughter that come along right after you make that silly face are often the sweetest and most honest smiles around!


2. Trust the Poses - Then Make Them Your Own

The purpose of poses and prompts is to help bring out your authentic self. While it's often a little strange being "posed" for the first time, try to remember that nothing is set in stone. The suggestions your photographer offers are just that - suggestions.

The poses we put you in are meant to help you find an elegant, natural, and flattering way to move and hold yourself in a photo. That said, the most important part of achieving an authentic portrait is - you guessed it - authenticity!

If something feels unnatural or uncomfortable, then change it! We are here to capture you at your best and that means you are in control.

Use the poses and prompts to help guide you and then run with your instincts!


3. Show Off Your Pinterest Board

Seriously - this one is crazy helpful. Seeing what you are looking for in your photos can be an immeasurable help for you and your photographer in planning your dream session. If you have a collection of your favourite photos from Pinterest or elsewhere, send us a link.

Just think about it! If the most authentic version of you is running wild through the trees in a long flowing dress with a big smile, then that sultry, half-naked pose on the beach probably isn't going to feel right. We want to help you feel comfortable and excited about your time in front of the camera. What better way than creating a session plan that speaks to your truest self?

Let's make your dreams come true.

Side note: If anyone reading this is looking to dress up like a faerie and run through the woods, I am READY TO GO


4. Wear Something that Makes Your Heart Smile!

This is one of the most important tips I can offer: Find that outfit that makes you happy, no matter what day you put it on, and bring it with you!

I don't know about you, but my self image tends to ebb and flow with the same chaotic energy as the weather in Vancouver. It's one of the main reasons I've become such an advocate for body neutrality - it's so much easier to just exist than it is to constantly try to feel excited about my physical form, all the time.

Whether you wake up feeling like a goddess or with a period from hell, what's that one outfit you can always count on to help you feel put together? That's the one you should bring to your session.

Now don't get me wrong, you should ABSOLUTELY bring along that new dress or suit or pair of shoes that you grabbed just for the day! Your portrait session is the perfect time to whip out that outfit you've never had a reason to wear or that amazing cosplay costume you only got to enjoy once.

We can frolic in the grass in that steampunk getup if that's what feels right! But just in case you're suddenly feeling shy and needing to step back into your comfort zone, bring that one outfit that always does the trick. You'll be glad to have it if you need it!


5. Enjoy the Adventure, Have Fun, and Relax

Spending time with a photographer can be such an amazing tool for self expression and appreciation, if that's what you're looking for. It can also just be fun!

Sometimes the best way to get over camera shyness is to remember that your photographer is there to hang out with you as much as they are there to take your picture. Have a laugh, pick up a crab, roll around in the flowers, sit on the beach and just watch the sunset - it's our job to find the moments of beauty in your session and capture them for you.

The only thing you have to do is enjoy yourself. Just show up with an open mind and a willingness to trust the process. We'll make it magical - I promise!


Thanks for reading!

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