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Hi! I'm Emilaea

I'm a portrait photographer based in Vancouver BC and I specialize in capturing authenticity. I live for the silly moments caught between portraits and my favourite smiles are the ones just after you make a funny face!

I absolutely love being able to share in the excitement of my clients when they see their final photos. Witnessing the moment of ' That's me?! ' is honestly so special and it makes every photo I take that much more meaningful.

I want to help capture your spirit through the most honest and beautiful lens - just as those who love you see you.


It's possible for everyone, I promise. <3

I am also excited to work with individuals as well as other creatives and small business owners to help bring your brand to life! Let's show off what you do with an intentional, curated collection of photographs catered to your vision and style.

As a photographer, your comfort and enthusiasm are my number one priority. I am committed to creating a safe, memorable, fun experience and helping you enjoy the adventure of self-expression!