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About the Artist

Queer • Neurodivergent • Weirdo

I am a lot, and I like that.

I long to share stories and learn about the internal worlds of humanity. I am an advocate for self-acceptance, body neutrality, and honesty.

Humans have somehow condensed into this beautiful, complex consciousness that has the ability to feel more than we can handle. We are so advanced and yet most of us still haven't dealt with the things we were feeling as children, let alone how we experience things now. 

Maybe you've been hiding from it. Maybe you've been afraid of it. Or maybe you've just been looking for someone to share it with - to feel less alone.

I want to be here for that experience; to help you see emotion and existence as something to behold, to embrace with compassion and authenticity - whatever that means to you. 


I want to be here for you - to fill the emptiness with something beautiful. I hope you'll join me.

E. Woodwolf

Web Designer | Photographer | Poet | Artist

A Little More Specific...
  • Raised in the forest by a bunch of hippies in the '90s

  • Avid Amateur Rock Climber & Backpacker

  • Blissfully married to Calahan Woodwolf

  • Socialist | Feminist | Environmentalist

  • Dog Person - Meet Lucifer!

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